Spring 2021

  • The BABL is excited to welcome Deanna and Kathryn to the lab for their Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP) rotation! Hana and Sarah have been conducting practice runs for the Parenting and Addiction Study (POD), with hopes to begin seeing participants soon!

  • Nick is heading off to Charleston to attend the Medical University of South Carolina! We are so proud of you and will miss you here at the BABL!

Winter 2020

We are excited to welcome Dana to the lab! Dana is an undergraduate student in her sophomore year interested in the neurobiological changes that occur in both children and their parents during early childhood and how these changes may affect later behavior, including parenting.

Tal will be co-chairing and presenting (virtually) at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting in April! Tal will be presenting on Parental Mentalizing Under Stress: COVID-19 and Parents’ Use of Mental State Language on Parenting Social Media.

Fall 2020

Cody and Madi have begun their graduate school studies! Cody is earning his Master's at American University in Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy. Madi is a Ph.D  student at the Stanford Graduate School of Education in the Developmental and Psychological Sciences program. Good luck to you both! We are also excited to welcome Eloise to the lab, she is a Master's student interested in studying the effects of maternal anxiety on behavioral aspects of parenting!

Summer 2020

  • With everything that's been going on, the BABL has continued to stay in touch with one another virtually--some of us are pictured here gathering for a farewell to Cody, who is leaving the BABL to pursue a Master's degree in Washington, D.C.!


  • Emily graduated from Yale Medical School! We are so proud of you, and know you will do great things in your pediatric residency, Dr. Vancor! 

  • Congratulations to all of our graduating Yale college students, Hana, Katherine, and Corine--we will miss you, and can't wait to hear about all that you'll accomplish next! 

Spring 2020

  • Madi presented a virtual poster at the 2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting on the influence of caregiving experience on maternal neural responses to baby faces!

  • Helena gave pediatric Grand Rounds remotely for the Department of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital at Darmouth-Hitchock on understanding maternal addiction using a neuroscience-informed approach!

  • Helena presented a webinar titled "Bridging Brain and Behavior: Addiction and Parenting" to the NIDA workgroup on sex/gender differences and women's health.

  • The BABL welcomes two new members -- Tal, a postdoctoral associate, and Laura, a visiting member!

  • Hana presented her undergraduate thesis to friends and peers at Davenport College.










Fall 2019

  • The BABL welcomes our new students - Sarah and Katherine!

  • Sarah presented her master's thesis proposal! 











Summer 2019

  • Madi presented some of the BABL's research at this year's NeuroDay conference at Yale!

  • Visiting member Michele Giannotti is welcomed into the lab!

  • Heartiest congratulations to Gwen and Lauren, our masters students, on completing their masters thesis poster and presentation. Lauren will be staying on with the BABL team and Gwen will be moving back home to Singapore to begin her PhD! We are so proud of your work here at the BABL and will miss you dearly next year!

  • Karina presented some of the BABL's research at the T32 poster session here in the Child Study Center!

  • Visiting summer intern Amanda Simard is welcomed into the lab!

Spring 2019

  • Cody presented some of the BABL's research at a postgraduate poster session here in the Child Study Center!

  • Visiting member Dr. Antonin Sebela is welcomed into the lab!

  • Heartiest congratulations to Sarah, one of our undergraduate research assistants, on completing her senior thesis poster and presentation. We are so proud of your work here at the BABL and will miss you dearly next year!

  • At this year's SRCD conference, Lucy presented her poster on prenatal attachment and postpartum parental reflective functioning, and Helena gave talks on maternal emotion regulation and neural responses to infant faces!


Winter 2018/2019

  • Cody and Gwen presented research posters at the 2019 NEURON Conference at Quinnipiac University. Pictured on left is Gwen and pictured on right is Cody. They, as well as other members in the lab, had a great time hearing from Dr. Nim Tottenham, the conference keynote speaker, and learning about other research going on in the neuroscience world!

Fall 2018

  • Lucy presented her research at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry annual meeting.

  • The BABL welcomes our new students - Corine, Gwen, Hana, Lauren, and Sarah!

  • Visiting member Dr. Karen Milligan is welcomed into the lab!

Summer 2018

  • Postgraduate associates Cody and Madison are welcomed into the lab!

  • The BABL receives a federal grant from NIDA to study reward processing in mothers and fathers.