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Our DEI Statement

The BABL is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI). We recognize that DEI is a shared responsibility that requires a conscious effort across research and education within and outside of our lab. We view diversity as a strength to improving our academic and scientific pursuits. We are committed to consistently working toward creating the conditions that will support and expand a more diverse community.  


Our lab welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, including but not limited to nationality, culture, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability, education, or training level.


We do not tolerate discrimination or any indication of intolerance towards others. We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to ensure equity and inclusivity in all that we do. We are also committed to understanding and working against any biases we have.


Our current efforts, which will be continually updated, in addressing DEI in the BABL include:

  1. Attending racial equity workshops to keep educating ourselves on DEI and share our learning and progress with each other.

  2. Monthly lab meetings dedicated to DEI to ensure continued discussion and education. We will invite speakers of diversity and welcome interested speakers to contact us too ( 

  3. A dedicated DEI Slack channel to share materials to continue our education as a group.

  4. Recruitment of diverse participants for our research studies to ensure representation of our findings. This includes through community-based recruitment sites in New Haven, CT, meeting families where they are.

  5. Writing papers and applying for research funding to support studies of diversity relevant to research in the BABL.

  6. An active and conscious effort to speak about DEI as a lab and to reduce stigma in our speech and writing.

  7. Ensuring there are diverse voices on our research team to ensure that there is consideration of the needs of different communities and that we are better able to serve the diverse participants that are recruited.


For those interested in working with the BABL, we encourage applications from all backgrounds and all levels of training, particularly those who belong to communities that have been  historically and systematically marginalized and non-traditional backgrounds. Interviews will be held remotely to ensure no personal costs on behalf of the applicant. 


We welcome feedback on this DEI statement and our activities to ensure we are always improving. If you would like to share comments anonymously, please click the link here.


This statement reflects the views of the BABL which upholds and commits to the DEI goals of Child Study Center and will be continually reviewed and updated to ensure we optimize diversity, equity, and inclusivity in all that we do.

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